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This is Josie.  She is our bitch that we bred from the last litter.  She has a tail and ears since she was imported from Germany.
This is our last litter at 4-5 weeks.  We love having them with us in all situations.  Yes, nine little pups on our bed at 5 weeks of age.
We are on top of the world. Giant Schnauzers need to explore, get exercise, learn and be with people.  Not a dog to just live in the back yard or be tied outside.  They want to be with you and work as a team.
Gus and Alexis love exploring new things.  During this show, they thought it would be fun to drive the golf cart.  You need a sense of humor with Giant Schnauzers.  Every new situation, helps develop a sound temperment, good judgement and trust.
Josie in a stand.
We want out into the big yard.
Guard dog on duty!  They are courageous watch dogs.  However, when properly introduced may be cautious.  Followed by wanting affection and love.
Official first champion at 9 months under our kennel name:  Clear Days Giant Schnauzers
Zak is our champion male and father of the ltter pictured on the site.  He is a very typical Giant Schnauzer.  Loves your companionship,  is very mischievous, courageous and  welcomes people with the correct introduction.  One of the most outgoing hard coated male.
This is me with a very special win in conformation.  This was my first best of breed for Clear Days Giant Schnauzers under a very prestigous judge that once bred the Giant Schnauzer.  Gus is over one year old here.  He made me look good despite my two left feet.
Gus loves the snow.  He finished his championship quickly.  This young male is very loving, agile, strong companion but very courageous.
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