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Clear Days Giant Schnauzers consists of a husband, wife and seven Giant Schnauzers. We breed the finest Giant Schnauzers for sale to loving families and dog enthusiasts. We have been owned by Giants since 1998. Before then, we had other large dominant breeds including German Shepherd, Alaskan Malamute mix, Collie mix and Gordon Setter. The neighbors teased us about having a sign in our front yard welcoming dogs. Dogs seemed to find us. After the next to last dog passed, we decided to choose the next dog since none were showing up on our doorstep. There are more housing developments with fenced in yards to keep dogs at home. 

How did we decide on the Giant Schnauzer? At that time, the internet was not as widespread. We did check the internet with some success but also went to a few dog shows, talked to our vet and a local owner. Our desire for a large, courageous, strong, loyal and "Velcro" type guard dog pointed us to the breed. However, our first Giant Schnauzer had many ongoing health issues. We tried everything to manage her issues but failed and lost her at three years of age. We learned the stoic ways of the breed. The experience of such hurt and pain was imprinted on us forever. 

Breeding has always been in our goals, but we could not find a suitable pair. We were fortunate to come across Josie and already owned Zak. Our ongoing goal is to produce healthy, happy dogs that meet or exceed expectations while matching them with the correct owners. We are meeting this goal. As a matter of fact, an owner put the first conformation title on a Clear Days Giant by 10 months of age. We keep in contact with our puppy buyers.

We feel that you and your Giant must be a team. They need consistent direction, training, companionship and room to run. Owners must have a sense of humor, otherwise you may get frustrated. They are frequently stubborn, composed, watchful, courageous, loyal and can be aggressive, after all they are a guard dog. Additionally, they are very intelligent and can get bored easily,. They may tease you just because it is fun.

Basically, Giants are "VELCRO DOGS" sticking to you constantly watching you and watching out for you.

We have show championships on all our show quality dogs. We are a member of the Giant Schnauzer Club of America. Just to mention a couple of things - for these are not as important as the dogs themselves. 

As part of our goals of producing healthy, happy high quality conformation Giants we: 

  • Do health screenings before breeding. As a minimum this includes thyroid, hips and eyes.
  •   Breed to improve with the right circumstances - not just because we have dogs in heat
  •   We truly love our Giant Schnauzer puppies and give them space to socialize, play and run.
  •   Feed high quality natural food and the best kibble.
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