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We are a home-based Giant Schnauzer breeder that only breeds on occasion. It has been over two years since our last litter. We do it because we love the breed and want to share them with great homes while improving the breed. We want to educate people to determine if it is the correct breed for their lifestyle.

We have been breeding Giant Schnauzer puppies since the mid-nineties but have had large breeds most of our lives. It took us 10 years before deciding to breed but it has always been in our goals. We were fortunate to come across Josie and already owned Zak. Our ongoing goal is to produce healthy, happy dogs that meet or exceed expectations while matching them with the correct owners. We are meeting this goal. As a matter of fact, an owner put the first conformation title on a Clear Days Giant by 10 months of age. We keep in contact with our puppy buyers.

We feel that you and your Giant must be a team. They need consistent direction, training, companionship and room to run. Owners must have a sense of humor otherwise you may get frustrated. They are frequently stubborn, composed, watchful, courageous, loyal and can be aggressive, after all they are a guard dog. Additionally, they are very intelligent and can get bored easily. They may tease you just because it is fun. We have learned to ignore them when they get dirty laundry to show visitors. We ignore them and the item is dropped and not chewed. Just a game to them. 

The breed is not for everyone. They need to be an active member of the family, be socialized and shown what to do, versus forcing them to do things. To train, the family must be consistent in their commands, actions and reward system. Keep it fun, brief and diverse so they remember and want to please you. Otherwise, the stubborn streak will show itself. Ignore them or crate them quietly and without much to do. Giant Schnauzers must go to obedience class to help socialize and train them. 

Being a small breeder, when we have Giant Schnauzers for sale, we enjoy talking to our puppy buyers and helping them. Many times, a large breeder is too busy with other things to take such request or calls. We have made some very good friends with some of our puppy buyers. They visit for grooming, pet sitting, socializing, training and showing. It is quite rewarding.
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