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Announcement !!!
CH Clear Days Alexandria delivered 8 puppies on July 30th 2016

Contact us for information about our three generations!

Grandmom Josie hopes you enjoy the pictures.
Champion Clear Days Alexandria
Our newest Champion Clear Days Babette got her championship points
 at Florida cluster and Atlanta.
Grand Champion Clear Days Augustus got his Grand Championship in beginning 2013. 
Official first champion at 9 months under our kennel name:   Clear Days A Commanding Edge.
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My husband and I are doing what we love. We've been interested in breeding Giant Schnauzer puppies since the 90's. Their passion, loyalty, protectiveness, companionship, sense of humor and strong work ethic are just a few of their endearing qualities. We are a small home-based Giant Schnauzer breeder and are extremely careful in selecting our breeding dogs. Our main objectives are temperament, sound structure and health. Show quality pups are just icing on the cake. All parents are screened for breed related health issues that include hips, eyes and thyroid.

We are unique because our pups are born in the bedroom and get attention around the clock. Eventually they are moved to our main house learning about the various noises and smells. From there they start learning about the great outdoors exposing them to all the various smells, sites and surfaces. This gives them exposure to indoor and outdoor situations. All are handled every day which also contributes to good temperament, health and house sense. In addition, good genetics has a part in helping it all come together.
Although small, our ratio of show dogs has been very good. In addition to conformation, puppy owners have enjoyed agility, obedience and just companionship. It is of utmost importance that Giant Schnauzers be a part of an active family that can socialize and train. Embrace and love them because they want to be with you all the time.

We encourage people to visit our family! We have Giant Schnauzers for sale and we want to educate and get to know other dedicated pet owners.

Giant Schnauzer Puppies